Sampatraj Bagrecha

Managing Director

1/1/54 , started first business venture in 1970, sole distributor in karnataka for shutter strips. Shutter strips formed the foundation of our business unit. after 10year of experience in the family business, started his own manufacturing unit in 1981.

Started with manufacturing of 3 profile sections and now the group caters to over 80 profiles. He graduated with a degree in Commerce from Bangalore University.

Group started with a sales of 8lakh with a team of four, today the turnover is exceeding 50cr and a team strength of 60 members. He is characterized by his strict discipline, insistence on quality and fairness in all dealings.

Rajesh Bagrecha


Ohio University (MBA Finance)
Experience of 5 years
Passionate and energetic
A techno-preneur and peoples person

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